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Office Services

RM Maps                     $25.00 + $5.00 Shipping if necessary

Tax Certificate         $40.00 per roll number

Notary Services      $15.00 per signature

Subdivision Map     $2.00

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health Water sample bottles are available at the municipal office.

Topographical and other maps are available from Information Services Corporation

In 1990 the provincial government, commercial sprayers, organic growers and SARM worked together to set up the Organic Farmland Registration Program. This is an ongoing voluntary program wherein all organic farmers are asked to register their organic acres at their local rural municipality. All organic farmers are encouraged to register their organic acres with their local rural municipal office. Municipal offices keep a record of all organically farmed land within their municipality. Commercial pesticide applicators will be asked to contact municipal offices to obtain listings of land designated as organic so that they may take the necessary precautions to avoid spray drift onto such lands.

Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance and Municipal Hail Insurance are available at the municipal office from the administrator. Both programs are non-profit municipal organizations and owned, operated, and controlled by Saskatchewan farmers.

For coverage options and current rates contact Michael Yuzik at (306) 469-2323.