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The Organized Hamlet of Phillips Grove

Phillips Grove is situated on the south west shore of Delaronde Lake, on a piece of land once owned by Harry and Barbara Phillips who lent their name to this lake community. The first cabin was built in 1971. The “original 7” cabins were built on the lake front with the last being completed in 1980. Since that time, Phillips Grove has developed into a thriving community of 45 lots with 35 residences.

In 1988, resident Ron Luciuk started the process to have Phillips Grove declared as an organized hamlet. A petition with 75% of the resident owners was presented to the Provincial Government and on May 1st, 1989 Phillips Grove was declared an organized hamlet.

Since that declaration, Phillips Grove has made significant improvements including a marina, machine shop, community hall, children’s play center and multi-use sport court. Throughout the years, Phillips Grove has been proud to boast a huge dedicated group of volunteers, without whom these projects would not have been possible.