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Residential Town Yard

Location: 659 Hoehn Road (Town Yard on Industrial Road)

Cost: This program is replacing the annual Town Cleanup Day. Residential property owners can bring their items to the Town Yard during the designated hours free of charge.

Hours of Operation: Wednesdays*: 1:00pm-5:00pm, Saturdays: 12:00pm-4:00pm

*Please note that if a Statutory Holiday lands on a Wednesday, the yard will be open the following day.

Do not drop off items at the gate when it is not open.

Items Not Accepted

  • Tires, shingles, construction waste, concrete, oil, oil filters, paint cans. These items will need to go to the Highway 55 Waste Management near Canwood.
  • Electronics, TVs, computers, printers – take to SARCAN
  • Residential property owners who are planning to do renovations can make arrangements with Highway 55 Waste Management (306) 468-3055 to have a 6 yard bin brought to their yard for construction waste. When the bin is full or job is complete, the property owner would then contact Highway 55 Waste Management to have the bin tipped and removed. This cost would be the property owner’s.

*Please remember that smaller recyclables items can be put into your blue recycle container at home.

*Also, please note that we accept large items, however if you are going to the city to purchase a new washer, dryer, fridge, stove, furniture, mattress, etc. you can also drop your old ones off for a fee at Highway 55 Waste Management (by Canwood) on your way to the city. McDonald Metals Ltd. in Prince Albert accepts all of the metal items free of charge 24 hours/day @ Hwy 3 42nd St. East.

Yard Waste

The Town Residential Garbage Collection Site will not be accepting yard waste such as leaves/branches etc. between November 1 – May 1.

Also note that if you have larger pieces of wood, the Regional Park will accept it for firewood. Call the Regional Park; Jim at (306) 730-8549.