• Relaxing on the shore of another beautiful area of Big River.
  • Scenery you just can't beat. pond fall
  • Take your ATV out on the trails and find sites you never knew were so close to home. creek
  • Peaceful waters of Delaronde.  Delaronde Lakesm
  • Summer Friends blackbear
  • Exciting ATV rallies through beautiful timber, scenic trails, or for the bold some muddy side trails. timberlost quad

Upcoming Events


  • Sliding Extravaganza - March 18th, 2PM @ "hospital hill" 
  • Old Timers Picnic - June 24th, 4PM @ senior's gazebo behind Lakewood Lodge



Clubs and Organizations:

Bored? No need for it in the Big River area.  We have so many opportunities for you to join, meet great people, and get involved. 


Volunteer Fire Fighters, Chief - Chad Dunn, (cell)469-7658

Volunteer Fire Fighter - Darryl Meyers, 469 4805

Kindred Spirits Quilters, Simone Klassen

Big River Elks Lodge #256, Vern Meyers, 469 4989

Royal Canadian Legion, Opal Swedberg, 469 2211

Order of the Royal Purple, Pat Warren 469-2226

Gun Club, Ron Johnson, 469 5652 

4-H Club, Clint Panter 469-7763

Seniors Club

United Church Women

Anglican Church Women

Evangelical Women's Ministeries of Canada

Lakewood Lodge Auxiliary May Fabish 469-2335

Parkview Wildlife Federation

Minor Sports

Golf Club

Timber Trails Snowmobile Club - President Maurice Denis 306-469-2160 or https://www.facebook.com/groups/207410096102908/

Timber Trail ATV Club, Bill Gerow 306-469-7677 or Shirley Schwab 469-4980

Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards www.bisonstewards.ca

Big River & District Recreation Improvement Association


cnrstation winter
The former CNR train station is still standing and used by the Seniors Club for their meetings, activities such as exercise classes, and special functions.





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On the Horizon

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