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The RM of Big River, No. 555, through Highway 55 Waste Management Corporation, will be offering more recycling services. Bright orange bins will soon be

placed with the RM household garbage and cardboard/recycle bins.  All paper and cardboard items will still be placed in the current paper/cardboard bins

to allow room for other recyclable material in the orange bins.  All other recyclable material will be placed in the orange bins and does not need sorting.

Recyclable material does not require bagging. Loose articles should be places directly in the bins unless otherwise noted below.

The following items are accepted in the orange recycle bins:

  • Aluminum soft drink and beer cans (please rinse).
  • Household tin cans (please rinse).
  • Milk cartons and jugs (please rinse and remove caps).
  • Juice cartons, juice boxes and all tetra-pak containers (please rinse).
  • Plastic soft drink and water bottles (please rinse and remove caps).
  • Place plastic grocery bags inside another bag and secure (includes clean plastic food wrap and clean product wrap).
  • Household plastic containers and bottles with a #1 through #7 recycling triangle on the bottom.

Please do your part by recycling as much of the accepted materials as possible.

Reminder: These bins are for the use of RM of Big River, No. 555 ratepayers only.

Attention to all residents and visitors to the RM of Big River #555
As of July 2012 there have been changes made for disposal of rural municipal household garbage.  Please note the new locations of garbage and cardboard bins.
Changes regarding waste and recycle carts for the residents of the Town of Big River Click here for more information






Saturday, Oct 27: Halloween Howl 2 @ The Old Theatre, Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt @ Third & Main

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November 18 - Big River Christmas Trade Show