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RM of Big River







Request for Contractor Equipment Rates

The RM of Big River No. 555 is requesting contractors interested in doing work for the RM on an "as need basis" to submit their equipment list along with their 2022 rates too:

RM of Big River No. 555

Box 219, Big River, SK S0J 0E0


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The list shall be accompanied by a letter of good standing with WCB and proof of liability insurance of no less than 3 million dollars applicable to their operations.

Contractors doing work for the municipality are required to be compliant with the Saskatchewan Employment Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996.



For more information on Federal Government Infrastructure Projects go to


The federal Gas Tax Fund Program in Saskatchewan is administered by the

Provincial Government to help support municipalities.






The municipal office of the R.M. of Big River #555 is located at 606 First St. North in Big River, SK.

To contact the municipal office with questions or concerns about municipal issues:

Phone 306-469-2323; Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Box 219, Big River, SK S0J 0E0.


Chief Administrative Officer                         Michael Yuzik

Assistant Administrator                                 Dana Kennedy

Assistant Administrator                                 Malinda Krawetz

Foreman                                                        Coby Wilson

Operator                                                        George Hildebrand

Operator                                                        Riley Kennedy

Office Hours

The municipal office is open from 8:30 am to noon and from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.


Fees for Office Services

Tax Certificate                                                $20.00 per roll number

R.M. of Big River Map – 1”/mile                   $25.00 plus PST plus $5.00 shipping and handling

R.M. of Big River Map – ¾”/mile                  $20.00 plus PST plus $5.00 shipping and handling

R.M. of Big River Subdivision Map               $30.00 plus PST plus $5.00 shipping and handling



Emergency Services / Fire / Ambulance         Call 911

Garbage Disposal

Effective July 2nd, 2019 the RM Household Garbage and Recycle Bins will be moved to the Big River Landfill Transfer Station north of Big River and the existing site beside the Big River Golf Course Closed.  There is a charge for non-household waste hauled to this site. (Rate Schedule effective September 17, 2020. pdf) RM ratepayers will be issued a receipt by the landfill attendant at the landfill site upon payment.


May 1 to September 30: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

October 1 to April 30: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The Transfer Station is located approximately 3.8 km north of Big RIver off Township Road 565. 


Bagged Household Garbage

Ratepayers are asked to haul their bagged household garbage to the blue garbage bins at the Transfer Station.


Recycling Bins

The RM recycle bins are located beside the household garbage bins at the transfer station. Please flatten your cardboard.

All recyclable materials need to be placed inside the orange bins and do not need sorting. Recyclable material does not require bagging. Loose articles should be places directly in the bins unless otherwise noted below.

The following items are accepted in the orange recycle bins:

Aluminum soft drink and beer cans (please rinse).

  • Household tin cans (please rinse).
  • Milk cartons and jugs (please rinse and remove caps).
  • Juice cartons, juice boxes and all tetra-pak containers (please rinse).
  • Plastic soft drink and water bottles (please rinse and remove caps).
  • Household plastic containers and bottles with a #1 through #7 recycling triangle on the bottom.

Please do your part by recycling as much of the accepted materials as possible.

As of July 2nd, 2019 only waste from RM ratepayers will be accepted.



A municipal council is an elected group of representatives vested with authority to administer the laws of the province insofar as they relate to their municipality and to pass bylaws in the interest of the people for whom they have been elected to represent. Provincial Legislation, The Municipalities Act­, is the foundation for municipal government in Saskatchewan. An elected Council, made up of a Reeve and four Councillors governs the Rural Municipality of Big River, No. 555. An Administrator, Assistant Administrator and an Office Assistant provide office support to Council. A Foreman and two Equipment Operators make up the workforce that looks after the outside duties in the R.M.


Regular Council Meetings

The regular meeting dates are set by of the council of the R.M. of Big River #555. Typically they are scheduled for the second Monday of each month, in the Big River Community Center located at 606 First Street North, Big River, SK commencing at 9:00 am. Delegations are requested to call the Municipal Office in advance to be scheduled in as a delegation at a Council Meeting (306-469-2323).

Council meetings are open to the public for anyone who wishes to observe the proceedings. Anyone who wants to address Council at a meeting needs to be scheduled in as a delegation by calling the Municipal Office in advance 306-469-2323.

Minutes are available for inspection during regular office hours after they have been approved by the Council. Copies of municipal documents may be requested and are subject to fees set by Council.


Present Rural Municipal Council

Reeve: Clint Panter                                        306-469-7763

Councillor Division 1: Doug Panter              306-469-4996

Councillor Division 2: Ron Miller                306-469-2312

Councillor Division 3: Jeff Wiebe             1-780-619-1899

Councillor Division 4: Maurice Denis          306-469-2160


A large part of the municipal operations is fostering new development in accordance with the municipal Basic Planning Statement and Zoning Bylaw and maintaining roads. The R.M. of Big River, in cooperation with the Town of Big River, provides fire and emergency services, recreation facilities, a waste transfer station, household garbage, paper and cardboard disposal bins and a library.


Building and Development Permits

Every person shall obtain a development permit before commencing any development in the municipality. A permit package is available by contacting the municipal office. Upon completion of the permit applications submit them to the RM Office for review. You will be invoiced for permit fees. Permits are not issued until the invoice for the permits is paid. Where work for which a permit is required has commenced prior to the issuance of such permit, an additional fee shall be paid in the amount equal to 100% of the permit fee.



The municipality can provide you with information if you are considering subdividing land. Applications to Subdivide must be submitted to The Ministry of Municipal Affairs. The link below will provide steps if you are considering subdividing your property.



Lakeshore Development

Shorelines are protected by The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002 (EMPA). Under EMPA any person planning any work near any water body must contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (Lakeshore Development fact sheet pdf)


Burning Permits

The RM of Big River is within 4.5 kilometers of a provincial forest. Burning Permits are required from the Ministry of Environment from April 1st to October 31st. To obtain your free burning permit number contact Saskatchewan Public Safety 306-469-2500.

If you plan to burn you must also call CONTROLLED BURN @ 1-866-404-4911 as well as the RM office @ 306-469-2323. If your fire is reported and the Fire Department is dispatched, charges will apply.


Snow Removal

The R.M. will undertake the removal of snow utilizing the municipal equipment in the following priority:

                        1. School bus routes;

                        2. Heavy traffic roads;

                        3. Farm access and residential roads.

The municipality does custom snow removal, if time allows, in accordance with the driveway policy. (Snow Plow Policy 2021) A Snow Plow Release Form must be signed by a landowner requesting custom work under the Snow Plow Policy in advance of the work being done.


Custom Work

The following rates apply for custom work:

                        Grader                                     $200.00/hour

                        Tractor & Mower                    $200.00/hour

The policy for all custom work is that Council will only consider custom work if local contractors have been contacted first so as not to compete with businesses in the community, and then will be done time permitting upon request.


Pest Control Officer

The municipality’s Pest Control Officer is Tanner Paslawski cell 306-812-9226. Tanner makes routine visits to the ratepayers to ensure any potential problems are taken care of.

Rat control products are available free of charge to the municipality’s ratepayers. A small quantity will be available at the R.M. office. If you have pest concerns, please phone the Municipal Office at 469-2323.


Water Sample Bottles

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health Water sample bottles are available at the municipal office.


R.M. of Big River Municipal Map

(RM Map pdf)


R.M. of Big River Subdivision Maps

(Subdivision Map pdf)


Topographical Maps

Topographical and other maps are available from Information Services Corporation www.isc.ca/Pages/default.aspx


Organic Farm Registration

In 1990 the provincial government, commercial sprayers, organic growers and SARM worked together to set up the Organic Farmland Registration Program. This is an ongoing voluntary program wherein all organic farmers are asked to register their organic acres at their local rural municipality. All organic farmers are encouraged to register their organic acres with their local rural municipal office. Municipal offices keep a record of all organically farmed land within their municipality. Commercial pesticide applicators will be asked to contact municipal offices to obtain listings of land designated as organic so that they may take the necessary precautions to avoid spray drift onto such lands.


Hail Insurance

Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance and Municipal Hail Insurance are available at the municipal office from the administrator. Both programs are non-profit municipal organizations and owned, operated, and controlled by Saskatchewan farmers.

For coverage options and current rates contact Michael Yuzik at 469-2323.



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